GatorHyde Spray-In Bedliners

Spray-In Bedliners by GatorHyde provide the ultimate protection for truck or trailer. The high performance comes from its combination of high physical properties, abrasion resistant, and complete waterproofing. GatorHyde Spray-In Bedliners are continuous, monolithic membranes that do not have seams and cannot leak. They will not peel, crack, flake or chip - they are bonded to the steel to provide perfect corrosion protection. GatorHyde Spray-In Bedliners also have a unique stipple finish that looks great and prevents cargo from sliding around in the truck bed.

GatorHyde Bedliners
Durable & Long-lasting

GatorHyde Bedliners permanently bond to truck beds and stand up to impact from rocks, tool boxes, or any other cargo you are hauling. They maintain this toughness in any temperature. GatorHyde Bedliners will not chalk or quickly fade from the sunlight. If they get a little dull over the years, your nearest GatorHyde dealer can easily rejuvenate them with the application of Gator Gloss.

GatorHyde Bedliners
Look Great

GatorHyde Bedliners have a stippled appearance after application that is uniform throughout the entire liner. The stipple effect and the gloss are long lasting and stand up well to exposure to sunlight, keeping your truck looking great for years to come

GatorHyde Bedliners
Lifetime Warranty

GatorHyde offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. If your GatorHyde Bedliner peels, cracks, flakes, or disbands from the surface of your vehicle, just take your truck to your nearest GatorHyde Certified Installer for immediate repair or replacement

Compare GatorHyde

Resists Scratches & Abrasions Yes No
Will Not Crack, Warp or Split Yes No
Permanently Bonded To Truck - Theft Proof Yes No
Contour Fit Eliminates Loss of Bed Space Yes No
Maintenance Free, No Repainting or Screws To Tighten Yes No
Repairable Surface Yes No
Air Tight Sc Water Tight Yes No
Prevents Rust 81 Corrosion Yes No
Noise 8L Vibration Damping Yes No
Textured, Flexible Surface Reduces Load Slippage Yes No
Various Colors Available Yes No